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Most of us are trying to do something with the remaining materials. I also wanted to evaluate my carnation and grape seed soap that I bought from Sirince, Izmir. 🙂 Those who tried to make soap before, or those who researched know that soap base is needed to make. Soap base is a chemical that is sold in some pharmacies and herbalists. There are also sales on the Internet.However, since I was going to make the new soaps from old soap, I investigated the feasibility of this soap and I learned that soap from the soap in the house can be made. However, it is difficult to dissolve the soap. So we grind the soap first. Use a mask for this grating stage because I think the soap powder is too sneezing. Add hot water to the shredded soap, and mix with a mixer but it shouldnt get get much consistency. By this way the soap gets a creamy, gummy look.We put the silicon molds and spray the cologne (normally alcohol, but I prefer it because it is the essence in the colony) on it. The reason for this is to prevent bubbles and opening of holes when forming the soap drying. The drying lasts 2-3 days.My soaps are in its color as you see in the picture. You can make different colors by adding soap coloring if you like. I also had holes in the parts of my soap coming into the mold. So we should not forget to spray the cologne into the mold too. As a result, we make new and shaped soaps from our unused soaps at home Stay with love..P.S: Don’t forget to mixing the grinded soap and put it in the molds quickly. It’s starting to dry quickly.

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