I would like to talk about the sugar paste cookie which is one of the indispensable tastes / souvenirs of the recent events. Also known as boutique cookies. When did this start, it was unhealthy (due to the sugar paste) but the appearance of the cookie that was so beautiful 
Obviously I do not know the beginning but it has become very popular thanks to social media since 2010. A lot of accounts selling cakes / cookies made from sugar paste have opened, and it is very good  We can even do so even when we buy its ingredients from places that sell.
I ordered these cookies for Edos’ birthday last year. Obviously I wanted to do it myself like many moms but I didn’t have much time to try. I recently bought and picked up materials for Edos’ upcoming birthday. It really takes a while. But I am sure that those who like to deal with such things will do it with pleasure.
Although it was my first try, the taste of the cookies was nice; the shape is not spoiled when cooked. For those who want to try, I share the recipe of the cookie.


-200 gr margarine
-1 egg
-1 cup powdered sugar
-1 cup corn starch
-1 teaspoon tip with baking powder
-2.5-3 cups of flour
-Cinnamon, vanilla essence or lemon peel (I just used cinnamon)
* Different colors of sugar paste and starch to decorate
* Cookie mold, forming apparatus

boutique cookie
Sugar paste and the cookie dough

Place all ingredients in the mixing bowl. In the desired thickness (1 cm I made) after opening the dough and mold. Bake at 180 degrees in before warmed oven until light browned.

Baked cookies

After baking the cookies, cut the sugar paste with the mold you cut. But the sugar paste is sticky. So before you open it with a roller, sprinkle with starch under paste. Rub the water with the brush under the sugar paste and stick it on the cookies.You can write text or figure on sugar paste before it dries. The shapes you will make are completely up to your imagination. The paste will be completely dried in 1-2 days. If you are going to do the packaging, you can do it later.
Stay with love..

Home made sugar paste/dough cookie
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