You need to know when growing your daughter and you have to know as a father. It is in your hands to be a good father. Instead of being a father who she is afraid of you can appreciate her games and thoughts. Here are what you can do:

1-Your daughter wants to be loved.

Girls are miserable, emotional. She wants to know that she’s loved. Even when she made a mistake. So look into her eyes and tell you love her whenever you get the chance.

2- She follows her mother how you behave.

One of the best things you can do for your daughter is to love her mother very much. She’d be pleased to see you taking the time to be her mom. This will contribute positively to future development. Prioritizing her mother will allow her to shape herself as a wife and a mother in the future. This will also make a role model for your son if you have.

3- Participate in her events.

From joining to the house games she started as a little baby until a theater show of her. Let her know you’re near and you’re proud of her. Maybe you will not enjoy as much as watching a match, but you will enjoy the pleasure of your presence with her.

4-Be really near her when she playing games.

Sitting with her doesn’t mean you’re always there for her. Turn off the phone, the TV and just listen to her. The 10 minutes you take are worth up to 1 hour for them. She cares about spending time with you. Playing with you and being with you.

5-Comb her hair.

Don’t be ashamed to wear a buckle in herhair. Make a jewelry together, paint her nails. So you can show your daughter that a man can be kind.

6-Teach the beauty of the heart rather than the external appearance.

It is your job to tell your daughter that what is in her life is something that will carry her forward, and then remind her of this a million times. It’s not easy to bring up a girl in a world that gives such importance to external appearance, but teach that being beautiful doesn’t have to be size zero or wear the most beautiful clothes.


Not a simple apology, but wish to be forgived seriously. Be a father model who goes down to her level and agrees that he can’t do anything at all. She will forgive you for this.

8-Do not disappear when they grow up.

Do not disappear when their emotions and bodies begin to change. Don’t let her hide anything from you. Many of the father thinks that if they ignore their daughters during this time, they will get along better, but it doesn’t go beyond making mother a bridge between them. You can now indirectly communicate.

9-Listen to his music.

It makes you feel you care her. The music that makes her up cheer you up. Join her even if she listens to the song “Red Fish“.

10-In the future you will have an influence on the husband of her choice.

Although this idea may seem frightening and sad, one day they will fly the nest. That’s when she gets her first opinion about what kind of a husband she wants. She will remember how you treat her mother. If you’re the right father, She will want to marry someone like you one day.

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