Hello. I’m going to tell you about a design that you can do with shoe boxes at home. At low costs, you can make a aboard from the covers of the shoe boxes in the house and a basket from the boxes left.
I started with board first because I like the idea of making a board. The materials you need are: box covers, glue, scissors, colored handcrafted papers, ribbons or rope to hang, ruler to measure and objects you want to stick.
1- Cut and glue the handwork papers that we have arranged by measuring them to the inside of the shoe box covers.
2- Then we set how to position the covers and we stick together. At the same time hang the back of the rope or ribbon to hang. Wait for a night to dry and stick.
3- Stick the objects into the covers in the order we want and we expect them to be fixed well.

I did this for Edos’ room. I thought it would be a frame, but it’s not bad, and I’ve done something with my own hand. As a result, you can evaluate the materials in your home. I don’t know how it stands on the wall because I can’t stand it yet, but I think it will look nice on dark walls.

Let it be easy for those who will try.
See you.

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