The supplementary food period starts at the earliest 6 months and at the end of the 8th month in infants only breastfed. The baby should be able to keep his head upright, sit up and have a hand-eye fit before he goes to the supplementary food. In infants fed with formula, supplementary food can be started at the earliest 4th month.

During the supplementary food period, infants can push the given ones with their tongues. This is a movement that will disappear with the development of the opening mouth, chewing and swallowing functions. Since each baby’s preparation for a supplementary food period will be specific to that baby (such as allergic reactions, etc.), it is advisable to apply this period with your doctor. In the period of the supplementary food, we started with the list given to us by our doctor and followed the 3 days rule. Edos disliked some food besides like others. For example, our yogurt experiments failed; she didn’t like the yogurt and she still doesn’t like it L so I feed her mixing the yogurt with soups and rice. She didn’t interact allergically to any food, but as I said before; lactose and food acid allergy should be treated more carefully in infants.

However, some of our mothers are able to make some mistakes with hearsay information during this period. In this article, I will mention “WRONG” information which is known as “CORRECT” in order to remind them.

Wrong Known Corrects

  • The babies whose mothers are fed insufficient should be given supplementary nutrient before the 6th month… WRONG!

First of all, we should try ways to increase the mother’s milk in the way I mentioned in my article titled as “How to Boost Breastfed”. If the mother does not eat well, vitamin and mineral supplement should be made to the mother. Of course, the necessary doctor checks must be done before taking supplements.

  • Supplementary food should be given to babies frequently awake at night… WRONG!

Babies awaken frequently around the 6th month depending on teething, dreaming or different external factors. Therefore, firstly, the baby’s sleep practices should be evaluated (shaking, sleeping with hunger etc.) and the baby’s weight gain should be considered monthly.

  • Giving supplementary food before the 6th month to get used to different tastes… WRONG!

The most suitable period for infants to give supplementary food is 6-8 months. Previously tasting may cause undesirable results till the baby’s rejection of breast milk. For this reason, it is best for the mother to have a variety of nutrition and so the baby will learn different tastes from her breast milk.

  • Infants who do not sleep immediately after breastfeeding should be given supplementary food… WRONG!

From the moment the babies are born, they fall asleep while suckling peacefully. However, after the 4th month, babies may not sleep immediately because of increasing their interest in the environment. This is not because the baby is hungry.

  • Babies between 6-12 months must receive ½ liter of breast milk per day… WRONG!

The amount of breast milk that babies should take is regulated according to monthly weight-height measurements and development. This information has no scientific basis.

  • When taking 1-1.5kg per month, taking 500-600 gr babies should be fed supplementary food… WRONG!

In some infants, the weight gain rate does not change (especially those fed with formula). The slowdown in weight gain does not provide evidence that the baby should pass early in the supplementary food period.

  • Red meat should be given to babies less for healthy nutrition; oil should not be added to food… WRONG!

The best oil for babies is olive oil. Adding a teaspoon of olive oil to the steamed vegetables will also help the constipation problem in the transition to the supplementary food period. In addition, children need food of animal origin for muscle development.

I hope the information has been useful and has removed the question marks in your mind. See you.


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