It is one of the most annoying situations we encounter in the delicate skin of babies. Especially we face with this situation in diaper periods. Sometimes no matter what we do, the previous method doesn’t work in the next one..

So what causes diaper rash? The main factors that constitute rash; hot air-humidity, infections, allergic factors (such as soap, wet wipes, diapers, detergents), weight and teething period can be counted. Yes, there is also a teething period because babies may have diarrhea or constipation during this period, so you need to change a lot of diapers. If they are not intervened in time, the formation of the rash is a matter of time.

Edos also teethed her first teeth from June to September and due to the hot weather, unfortunately the rash became inevitable. One of these was added to the neck and arm joint rashes. The child started to itch like crazy. In such cases, if it is not a time to go to the doctor (nights or weekends) immediately come to our mind to apply alternative medicine methods. I stumbled and I was ready to do what anyone says. I cleaned the rash with carbonated water and breast milk, and I put ointment on the fungal infection 

The diaper rashes didn’t go through these methods, so we took the doctor. Of course, there was a fungal infection, but the drug was also fungus-specific; it was not that I used. We talked about what we had to do with our doctor, and I’m going to talk about how to guide you in this article.

You be the one don’t try such methods, even if you cannot go to a doctor. There are smarter ways you can apply yourself at home. What are these?

  1. Before rash problem; never forget to use diaper rash creams after changing each diaper. (We all know Bepanthol baby, Sudokrem, Mustela Vitamin as creams)
  2. In case of diaper rash; If the summer period after the large toilet, wash the baby’s breech in the bathroom rather than wipe it with a wet towel. You can also do it in the winter, but primarily wipe with non-perfumed cotton swabs.
  3. In case of diaper rash; do not wear diaper to wet or damp breech. Aerate as far as possible (about 10 minutes). Because the fungi likes moist environments.
  4. If the baby is in the period of additional food, do not give anything spicy. You can also find allergic foods by trying 1-2 days.
  5. Choose the diaper and wipes suitable for your baby’s skin structure as each baby’s skin is different. We’ve learned this by trial-and-error. Every diaper change we have encountered a rash problem and finally we found the one who doesn’t do rash.

You can also follow the same method for rash in the body. The important thing is to keep the fungi area dry, airy and use perfume-free detergent, soap etc. as much as possible. Do not neglect to see the doctor if there is itching.

Stay with love…

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