One of the biggest worries after the birth stress of the mother candidates is the questions “Will I have breast milk, or will it be enough for baby?”. Sometimes breast milk may not come immediately after a successful birth, without cesarean or normal birth. The ducts of some mothers begin to open during childbirth and they breastfeed their babies given their lap from that moment.

Experts have noted that oxytocin, which provides milk secretion, is secreted from the pituitary region of the brain and affects the nipple nerve. The working of this hormone with negative or positive reflex is completely influenced by the orientation of the human brain and external stimuli. For example, while the voice of the baby, the image, the love and trust of the baby increases the secretion of hormones; anxiety, stress, pain, etc., reduce hormone secretion. The concern of “I will have no breast milk” can in fact a cause of less secretion of breast milk.

Although breast milk secretion is effected by hormones, there are also different applications that increase it. I have tried to read from a lot of sources, but some of the methods that are useful to some people did not work for me. This shows that a method does not work the same way for everybody. Some people can say that they have breast milk without any effort.

My daughter, Edoş, was born with caesarean birth. Contrary to the thesis, which is very well known by all but misguided “In caesarian born breast milk comes too late,” the milk started to come in 2-3 hours after birth. However, it took the baby 1 day to grasp the nipple and take the milk herself.

She sucked for 14 months. I would have breastfed until the age of 2 if there was milk but the deep sorrow that I felt after my father’s death ended the milk secretion completely. This proved how our emotions affect our breast milk during breastfeeding. I do not know if my breast milk would increase by applying the milk increasing methods I offered below, but I did not do it because I think it was better for my daughter to feed with the additional food and nourish.

Now let’s see what we can do to boost breast milk:

  1. Be positive first. Always imagine that you have milk and it is enough for baby. Even if you do not have enough, do not give up on the affirmation and do not leave the baby as hunger. (Even if I had breast milk, I fed her with formulas only on nights for the first month)
  2. Try to sleep enough. The secretion of oxytocin will also be slow when the brain needs priority sleep.
  3. Drink plenty of water. I’m not talking about watery things, I’m talking about “pure water”. It would be very beneficial to drink at least 2-3 liters per day.
  4. Whenever your baby wants, breastfeed her. The more you breastfeed, the more it will boost. Especially in the first 10 days, you can just breast-feed without regard to time zone and breast difference. Continue milking with a pump at the time your baby does not suck and after each sucking operation. So you will have given your brain the message “more milk”.
  5. Be nourished in for boosting breast milk. When you do this, be careful of the amount of calories you get. Especially fennel and linden tea are calming, protecting against diseases and milking you. Consume plenty of green leafy vegetables (lettuce, parsley, green onions and dill). Apple and water were very influential to me, you can try. You can also use the subsidies sold for breastfeeding mothers to increase the quantity and quality of the breast milk.

Although I did not get enough sleep in the first times, I tried to do others. But because I consume plenty of sugary fluid, I lost birth weights very slowly. As you are, apply the methods that will increase your breast milk healthily without getting weight.

I hope it was useful. Stay with love…

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