Breast pump is a question mark in the minds of working mothers and expectant mothers. We try to get information and advice from both friends and internet forums with questions such as “Do I take electric or manual?”, “Manuel Double pump or single pump?”, “Which pomp hurts less?”, “Which brand is better?” …

I didn’t feel the need to get an electric pump before birth. In the first few weeks to open the milk channels many people said that instead of electric, the manual ones were enough. I bought a manual pump from Wee Baby, and this is the traditional pump 🙂 I said, “Maybe I’ll never use again why do I purchase?, but I made a mistake.

Colostrum -known as “beasting” by the public- which lasts up to a week after the birth, is very dense and yellow. It will be difficult for a mother who does not have the milk channels open yet, if she comes with a manual pump. I’ve been dealing with a manual pump for 2 weeks since I didn’t know. My nipples were in black and blue. I couldn’t go on anymore. I did a lot for these wounds, but I’m going to tell in another article.

The wounds healed, I got used to sucking the baby. But when I found out that I had to milk to increase my milk, the manual pump now seemed frightening to me. I was working for hours to get little milk and pomp made me worry about the nipple wounds.

In the 2nd month after birth, I realized that this would not be the case, and the necessity for me to buy an electric breast pump became a “MUST”. I decided on which model to buy, after making a long brand and price selection. I didn’t have much milk, so I thought the double pump would be unnecessary to me.  It is really hard to find the most suitable one among the most recommended models without trying. I came across the February discounts of E-Bebek shop and purchased Mamajoo single pump breast pump. I always think that this machine is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It has received “2017 Mothers Choice Prize” since so many mothers think like me 🙂

I’m very pleased with the speed and comfort since I started using it. Perhaps this is the easiest device to use. It offers a total of 15 different usage options including 5 different massages & 10 different sucks. When I used the fast mode, I didn’t have to sit and milk for hours, and there were no wounds although I sucked 3 times a day. A product that works so quietly that I could keep it with my baby even while she was sleeping. The size is small and it is lightweight so you can carry it in your bag. And most importantly, when necessary, you can do milking in every way and run anywhere by operating PC, power bank and car cigarette lighter entry. This machine has also 4 bottles (storage container) in the package and you can use the bottle by inserting the bottle teat. You can wash the bottles in the dishwasher if you want.

As a working mother, I learned how vital the breast pump was. I can safely recommend as it is a machine that saves time, does not cause pain and is most important for practical use.

I hope this article has been useful for you.

With love…


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