The visual function of babies in the first month after birth is almost 50%. The ears work well enough to hear and distinguish you from birth. However, he grasps an object with his hands and starts his conception around the second month. At the end of the second month, slowly turning left and right movements will start and they will not be able to stop. This is the same for almost every baby, but the level of development of each baby is different.

When babies are born, they are so small and fragile that you may be afraid to hurt even when you hold them in your arms. But with their flexible bodies and developing muscles they grow up rapidly in the first month. As you grow you can go for the games that will support his emotional and physical development. In the first month you can gradually exercise your baby with his arms up and down and touching each other. This exercise will become faster and synchronized in the coming months.

In this writing I will share with you some activities and games that I have done with Edos for 0-6 months. These are mentioned below:

  1. In the first month, I wander in the house with “sling” and to make her feel the mother’s smell. His father took her the knee and swayed to calm down. Apart from that, we started to arm-leg exercises.
  2. In the second month I left plush toys near the place where she lay in order to make her recognize the objects and to improve her ability to examine. At the same time, I helped her to notice the object mobility with a baby mobile on the cradle. At the end of this month we connected heeled balloon to her foots. Tie the balloon and let it balloon as she raise and lower her feet. It is an excellent activity for the development of the feet and leg muscles!

3. We continued ballooning in the third month. At the same time I started to read books to her. For this choose books with no text and large pictures to make her follow you as you show pictures with your hand while reading. Obviously I discovered the interest of Edos to books in this month. At the same time you will notice that the books calm your baby down. At the end of this month we got a playing mat. Hang up the toys that make the hands and arm to move and making sounds when touched. In this way, the perception of the object sounds and structure will also improve as well as hand muscles.

4. At the beginning of the fourth month, she started to participate in the games by making different voices and trying to get the finger puppets. We got help from the mirrors that we hung on top to improve speech skill and object perception. From this month, the toys (rattles, pockets, etc.) that make sound when touched attracts more attention. In addition, TV, music player and mobile phones will start to attract attention in these months.

5. She started to make different voices in her mouth, so at the end of the 4th and the 5th month you will enjoy making different mouth movements and voices to it. As the movements are starting to increase, it will be very beneficial for the back and neck muscles to develop especially laying over the face in the fourth month. Apart from these, we have benefited from the “Dear baby intelligence cards” used for 0-6 months. In these thick cardboard cards, the objects are drawn in such a way that they are simple and black and white. These cards are the methods that have been used in the US and the Far East for a long time as materials that can be used for the mental and social development of infants in early home education prepared for right brain training. Edos liked it very much, but I showed her cards for about 2 months because it took less attention.

6. If, by the end of the fifth month, your baby’s physical structure is suitable for sitting and keeping her head upright, you can do sit-lie exercises. You can make him hit a place or an object with a stick you give his hand to improve his rhythm feelings. While lying on the bed, you can raise her with your arms and play a “flying fleet” game. If you have a baby that is too mobile and tends to turn right or left, you can turn him to right and left as a game.

That’s all for now 🙂 Stay with love…



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