Sleeping in Montessori Bed


The babies cannot differentiate day and night when they were born so we shouldn’t expect babies to sleep and get up with us or sleeping without ever waking up. (do not forget to feed and change diapers J) Before babies start snoozing for 8-hour stretches (typically around 6 months), they have to learn how to fall asleep (and stay asleep!) on their own. If you have not done this, do not worry, there are different options.

My daughter, Elif Eda, did not know the difference between day and night and she always slept during the day until she was 2,5 months old. There were also times when we put in the car to sleep in the night. Then we found a new sleeping lullaby without swinging: White Noise. The so-called white noise consists of the sounds that are emitted by tools such as washing machines, hair dryers. It was so influential that we were sleeping with the baby J Opening it in the phone and leaving her to crib we were getting slept in 15 minutes. That was wonderful for us!

But when she started to crawl it was difficult to put her to sleep. We started to look for other methods. I read lots of blogs and books about giving your baby a good sleeping habit. They say commonly you need PATIENCE and WILL. I was very determined and I was this wasn’t a MIRACLE.

Finally I applied the steps below and have seen the benefit of it still:

  • Energy Expenditure

    Activities such as exercising over the abdomen, crawling on the ground, playing with toys, playing in the park, and even accompanying you in the baby carriage while you are shopping (see fresh air) energize her and help you sleep better at night. But don’t tire too much not to escape her sleep!

  • Feeding

    Have a strong dinner for a baby 1,5-2 hours before sleep not to cause digestion and gas problems. Edos does like snacks so I let her to eat until 30 minutes before sleep.

  • Reduction of External Stimuli

    Reduce the light in the room where the baby is. Turn off the television and other noisy equipment. This is very important step since we live in technology era the phone’s ringing may escape the sleep of baby.

  • Passive Pre-Sleep Period

    In this 30 minutes period you can play with one toy, read a book or take a bath. I chose the reading book activity in order to make her love books. After reading in a dusk environment in her bed she is starting to yawn and play with hair. She sometimes cries not to sleep but when I hug end say calming words she stops.

After this step I wait for her sleeping by hugging and playing with her hair. (Sometimes I pray for her to sleep :/)

I can see her sleeping in 15 minutes If I don’t sleep with her J In first times she got up 1-2 times to drink milk but then, nowadays, she sleep without a hole for 10 hours. But she is sleeping at very late times like 11-12 pm. and I am trying to bring it forward. If I succeed I will share it in writing.

I hope you benefit too.

Sincere Regards.

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