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Hi, I’m Aysenur!

I’ve been on a road (a blog road) that I think for a long time, but it’s not easy to move and get into (at least for beginners and employed heavily like me).

I was born in Turkey, Samsun state and graduated from university as an Industrial Engineer. Then I had a Msc in the same area. Now I still going on doctorate program.

I met my husband when we were primary school students. He says he knew he was going to marry me the first time he saw me… I wasn’t at all interested. We moved different cities when we were students but he didn’t give off. Then I fell in love him and his determination about me and life. We’ve been married for 4 years and had a pretty nice girl 21 months old named as Elif Eda (Briefly Edos).

I have always found myself searching for my questions in forums, social media and blogs in my early motherhood. I have really benefited too. I actually wanted to open this blog before she was born but I experienced some sad events. I don’t want to talk about it anyway.

I work in Turkish State Railways as a planning engineer. My husband is an old judge but now spends his days at home with our daughter.

I wish you to take advantage of the essence, literally; and to be an address where you can find something from yourself. 🙂

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